Summary of the (de)VOICED Research Project

(de)VOICED shined light on the concept that whether people’s experiences with the public service delivery system were voluntary or involuntary, there is agreement that no one should be forced into psychiatric procedures, practices, or products and that their involvement with psychiatric places ought to always be voluntary with fully informed choice and informed, expressed consent. There is a fundamental conflict between ‘forced psychiatric involvement’ and ‘human rights’ in that one’s ability to act as a free agent, making choices of their on accord is eliminated; a slashing of one’s sense of self. There is an inherent danger in all voluntary- psychiatry in that once someone objects, they are in a position to be forced via a veil of benevolence.
“(de)VOICED: An Environmental Community Based Participatory Action Research Project” was research done in partial requirements to fulfill a doctoral degree in Psychology in the PhD Program in Environmental Psychology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. In addition to this written material, videos were produced through the research process, which we present as findings, and are available at Informed consent of people who participated in this research and its evaluation was obtained.

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