A Note on my Use of the Term ‘New Feminists’

In a previous article, “Torture and the ‘New Feminists’: APA Collusion with DoD”, I used this term ‘new feminists’ not at all in a way to belittle feminism or the work of feminism–or to come down on feminism in any way.

Rather, I used it as a way to point out how far Ms. Moorehead-Slaughter is in her actions from feminist values (or at least my understanding of feminist values). I also used this as part of the title because as I discuss in the article, I think it is ludicrous that  Moorehead-Slaughter has the audacity to call for a reaffirmation of feminist values, after she created the bridge to allow for the torture of human beings through her work as non-voting chair of the PENS task force which put forth the SLEE (Safe, Legal, Ethical, Effective) framework (in her name which she did not actually write).

Since publication of the above-mentioned article I have been heartened to hear from women–feminists from multiple generations–some, but not all, involved in Division 35 of the Society for Women in Psychology, of the APA, which the article focuses.

These women have given me hope that perhaps, this situation will change, and Ms. Moorehead-Slaughter will see that stepping down from leadership as President-elect of the Division is for the good of the organization.  Certainly, I have learned that there are others engaging in this most difficult conversation and that I absolutely, am not alone in my concerns.

More to follow but I wanted to underscore in no way am I negatively positioning the concept of feminism.


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