List of Figures

Figure 1: My Interpretation Of Bronfenbrenner’s Systems Theory                                               2

Figure 2: How I Saw Potentially Utilizing Bronfenbrenner And Lewin In 2005                           10

Figure 3: Escape Route: The Perpetuation Of State-Sponsored Psychiatric Abuse And Torture 48

Figure 4: An Interpretation Of Goffman’s Pre-Patient/Patient Regression: Mortification Process 68

Figure 5: An Interpretation Of Cross’s (1971) Liberation Psychology                                         86

Figure 6: My Interpretation Of How (De)VOICED Utilized Inductive And Deductive Content Analyses.                                                                                                                       134

Figure 7: A Psychological Spectrum Ranging From Mortification To Liberation                        278

Figure 8: Frequency Table: Recurring Themes I Found In Geller And Harris’s (1994) Women Of The Asylum.                                                                                                                   426

Figure 9: Gross Racial Disparities In Modern-Day Psychiatric Service Delivery                       512


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