Table of Contents

Volume I                                                                          1

Chapter One: Context                                                                                                                   1

Messy Boundaries                                                                                                                        1

Chapter Two: Statement of the Problem                                                                                  33

Coming to Terms                                                                                                                        44

Chapter Three: Theory                                                                                                               54

Brief Overview of Goffman’s (1961) Theory and Utilization in (de)VOICED                         56

A Closer Look at Goffman’s (1961) Asylums                                                                        62

Theoretical Analysis of Involvement with State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries through the Lens of Legal Definitions    73

Survivors of Deadly Force with Deadly Weapons                                                                 75

Brief Overview of Cross’s Theory and its Use in (de)VOICED                                               85

A Closer Look at Cross’s (1971) “Black Liberation Psychology” and its Parallels to My Experience            87

Psychiatric Slave No More: Parallels to a Black Liberation Psychology                           87

Outlining and Answering Some Rebuttals to My Argument of Using the Term Psychiatric Slavery       95

The Legal Definition of Slavery and Its Implications                                                             98

(de)VOICED throughout history—Silenced no more                                                      100

Chapter Summary                                                                                                                     102

Chapter Four: (de)VOICED Research Design                                                                       111

Research Question                                                                                                                    113

Recruitment                                                                                                                              114

Method                                                                                                                                     115

Environmental Workography                                                                                               115

Mapping Techniques                                                                                                            118

Archival Research                                                                                                                 121

Video as a Research Tool                                                                                                          123

Process of Developing the Video Data                                                                                 124

Plan for Analysis                                                                                                                      131

Video and Content Analysis                                                                                                 132

Action                                                                                                                                       136

Multiple Layers of Informed Consent                                                                                     138

Chapter Five: The People of (de)VOICED                                                                              141

The Advisors and Evaluators                                                                                                   141

The Study Coordinators                                                                                                           145

Lester Cook                                                                                                                          145

Debbie Kay Calkins                                                                                                              146

Celia Brown                                                                                                                          147

Kathryn Cascio                                                                                                                     148

Aubrey Ellen Shomo                                                                                                             149

Amy Colesante                                                                                                                     151

The Environmental Workographers                                                                                          152

Amy S.                                                                                                                                  153

Becky                                                                                                                                    154

David                                                                                                                                    156

Joseph                                                                                                                                   157

Mary                                                                                                                                     159

Nathan                                                                                                                                  161

Reggie                                                                                                                                    162

Ted                                                                                                                                        164

Multiple Perspectives                                                                                                              168

The Gamble                                                                                                                              168

Chapter Six: Results                                                                                                                 175

Video Data Reveals a Psychological Spectrum Ranging from Mortification to Liberation      175

It’s Not Just Sociological: The Psychological Mortification Process                                      181

Step One: Show Evidence for a Psychological Mortification Process                                     184

An In-depth look at early conversation with Amy S.                                                          184

It Starts at a Young Age                                                                                                    193

Pre-patient Phase described by Amy S.                                                                       195

Prompts toward Patient Stage described by Amy S.                                                   196

The Patient Phase as Described by Amy S.                                                                 200

Step Two: Show Evidence for Psychological Mortification Equating to Oppression             202

Evidence for Psychiatric Oppression                                                                                   202

Pre-encounter psychiatric slaves are those people who are still in search of being fixed 215

Or targeted as those who accept a poor prognosis                                                           216

And idly sit by                                                                                                                 220

And ascribe to a medical model                                                                                        222

Which emphasizes their powerlessness and passivity                                                     229

An example of how the doctor is coercive, Long Island, New York                            233

An example of how the doctor is coercive, Denver, Colorado                                     233

An example of how the doctor is coercive, Massachusetts                                          233

Contaminative Exposure as a Form of Oppression                                                              234

Pre-encounter psychiatric slaves are confined by a system that requires their sickness to survive  236

As they blindly Thorazine shuffle through their days.                                                    248

Bombarded by societal messages of the stereotypical mental patient                             248

The Damage Done by Psychiatric Messaging                                                                      253

People come to the belief that they cannot finish school                                                 253

People come to the belief that they cannot obtain or retain employment                        256

People come to the belief that they cannot obtain and retain housing                             260

People come to the belief that they cannot obtain and retain families                             261

People come to the belief that they cannot obtain or retain love                                     262

Step Three: Show Evidence for an Encounter Toward Liberation                                           264

Turning Points                                                                                                                      264

Step Four: Show Evidence for Remaining Stages Toward Liberation                                      268

An Example of the Pre-Encounter Stage                                                                               269

An Example of the Encounter Stage                                                                                     270

An example of getting involved with someone more turned on in the power movement as the prompt for the Encounter  270

An example of hearing of atrocities one of one’s own identity is facing as the prompt for the Encounter   271

An Example of the Immersion Stage                                                                                     271

An Example of the Emersion Stage                                                                                       271

An Example of the Internalization Stage                                                                              271

An Example of the Internalization-Commitment Stage                                                        271

An Example Pointing Back to the Pre-Encounter Stage                                                       272

The Missing Ingredient                                                                                                             272

Discussion                                                                                                                                275

VOLUME II                                                                      292

Chapter Seven: Designing the Research Design                                                             293

A Participatory Planning Process?                                                                                           293

Power and Planning: A Consensus Generating Process                                                           299

Insights Gained from the Delphi Experience                                                                            303

The Physical Environment                                                                                                   305

Set                                                                                                                                     305

Setting                                                                                                                               308

Script                                                                                                                                312

Costumes                                                                                                                          313

Props                                                                                                                                313

The Psychological Environment                                                                                           315

Barriers Encountered through the Research Process and the Solutions Employed to Alleviate Them      321

Issue 1: Technological Barriers and Human Interaction                                                       321

Corrective Action                                                                                                             322

Issue 2: Duration of Time Required to Complete the Environmental Workographies         322

Issue 3: Conversations: Asking Questions and Understanding the Relevance of Answers 323

Corrective Action                                                                                                             325

Issue 4: Participation                                                                                                            330

Corrective Action                                                                                                             332

Chapter Eight: Informal Mechanisms of Voice Control Exhibited by State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries          334

Presented as a Structure in ‘D’                                                                                                 334

Dangle                                                                                                                                   334

Divide                                                                                                                                   335

Distract                                                                                                                                 336

Deny                                                                                                                                     336

Disrupt                                                                                                                                 337

Diagnose                                                                                                                               338

Reining in Loose Cannons                                                                                                        339

Policy Implications                                                                                                                   341

Part of the Solution                                                                                                                   342

Disobey                                                                                                                                342

Disseminate                                                                                                                          343

Discussion                                                                                                                                344

Appendices                                                                                                                                  347

Appendix A: Invitation to Participate in (de)VOICED Planning Process                               347

Appendix B: Recruitment Flyer to Participate as an Environmental Workographer               359

Appendix C: Consent Form to participate in (de)VOICED as an Environmental Workographer 360

Appendix D: Consent Form for Environmental Workographers to Release Video to be Used as Data    363

Appendix E: Consent Form for Environmental Workographers to Release Video for Public Dissemination        364

Appendix F: Consent Form for Evaluators to be Videotaped and Participate in Evaluation   365

Appendix G: Consent Form for Evaluators to Release Video for Public Dissemination         367

References                                                                                                                                   368

VOLUME III                                                                    375

Chapter Nine: Mad Annals                                                                                                       376

Dehumanization from Antiquity Voiced: The Rights Movement of the Nineteenth Centry  380

Contextualizing the Early Twentieth Century: A History of the Organization of Organized Psychiatry from the Perspective of a Psychiatric Survivor                                                                                                                                                  428

Brief Overview of Gerald Grob’s (1994) Work Used                                                          428

Brief Overview of Andrew Scull’s (2005) Work Used                                                        429

Brief Overview of E. Fuller Torrey and Robert H. Yolken’s (2010) Work Used                431

Brief Overview of Heinz Haefner’s (2010) Work Used                                                       433

Brief Overview of William Trull’s (1891) Work Used                                                         434

Brief Overview of Sally R. McLain and Lynne Christensen’s (1996) Work Used              434

The Suppression of Challenges to the Biomedical Model by the Leaders of the Field Dates Back to the Early Twentieth Century      436

Chapter Ten: Modern State Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries (SSOPI)       495

The Toll of State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries on the Public Economy         495

Millions of People Over Time are Directly Affected by State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatry            497

New York State’s Psychiatric Public Service Delivery System: A Brief Case Study              501

Summary                                                                                                                                   516

Chapter Eleven: Protecting and Promoting Human Rights                                                  517

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights                                                                            517

The United Nations Report on the Convention Against Torture and its Relevance to State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries         518

The United Nations Report on the Convention Against Torture is consistent with the work and findings of the theories evaluated through the (de)VOICED project                                                                                                            530

Chapter Twelve: Historical Practices, Procedures and Products (Re)Cloaked as Modern Psychiatry          534

Lobotomy = Psychosurgery = Neurosurgery for Psychiatric Disorders                                 534

Electric Shock = Electroshock = Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT)                                     539

Drugging, Forced Drugging = Court-ordered Psychopharmacological Management                553

Restraint and Seclusion                                                                                                             565

Restraints = Restraints                                                                                                             567

Solitary Confinement = Seclusion                                                                                            573

Behavior Modification = Aversives                                                                                         583

Chapter Thirteen: Summary of the (de)VOICED Research Project                                   587

Theory                                                                                                                                      587

We Discovered                                                                                                                          591

Design                                                                                                                                       592

Method: Environmental Workographies                                                                                  592

The Environmental Workographers                                                                                          593

Shared Responses Established throughout the (de)VOICED Research Project                       594

Discussion                                                                                                                                597

Next Steps                                                                                                                                603

Follow-Up Research                                                                                                             603

Theoretical Work                                                                                                              604

Archival Research                                                                                                             604

Future Research Designs                                                                                                  605

Dissemination of (de)VOICED                                                                                            605

Law, Policy, and Regulation                                                                                                 606

Advocacy and Activism                                                                                                       607

References                                                                                                                                   609

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