Chapter One: Context

Chapter One: Context

You may say reader, that this is no concern of yours, but who can say ‘where lightning will strike next.’ Each of you is a unit in the multitude in which populate the earth and must add your mite to the good or ill-fame of man; and each of you has a voice, and many of you the vote, which would soon remedy the evil which I am only barely able to outline in the following pages. Will you stand by and see this thing go on longer, or aid me in its extermination by circulating the facts and truths, which I present? And facts and truths I am going to prove them to be, whether you believe them to be such or not.                                                  —William Trull, 1891, Introduction to Mad-Houses of America


Trull, W. (1891). Madhouses of America. Cohoes: New York.

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