Please see this as a guide to what’s inside the written portion of the dissertation.

Volume I represents the Context of the work; the statement of the problem (de)VOICED sought to address; the theories utilized, the research design, the people who participated, the results, and a discussion.

Volume II represents the process of designing the research design, including our participatory planning process, information it elicited for me to think about while designing and analyzing the research, and findings based on the exact problem which (de)VOICED took up—how people who are in ‘peer’ roles working to change psychiatric systems are silenced, reigned in, and if dare to break free, retaliated against.

Volume III relies on historical and archival work and current advocacy and activist efforts. It is written from my own psychiatric survivor perspective. It represents a history of the organization of organized psychiatry, with a focus on New York State, dating back to the early nineteenth century. It also provides examples of how now-thought-to-be-barbaric psychiatric practices are simply rebranded, repackaged, and currently used. I then move into a discussion on current human rights violations, including torture, and review possible solutions to these problems.

The most immediate and easiest solution to problems of State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries is to end all forced, court-ordered, compelled, or uninformed psychiatry.


Educational videos and further written analyses and information are available at

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